You only need three things


You need a ruck, more commonly known as a backpack.  We don't care if you show up with a Walmart special or a high end brand like GORUCK.  The goal is to get started.  Here are three things to look for:

  • Thick comfortable shoulder straps
  • Secures the weight close to your back
  • Cinch it down all the way, so the ruck is higher on your back

Water is important.  You are no good to your team if you bonk on a ruck.  You can use a hydration bladder or a collection of bottles.  Just bring fluids. (Beer is for afterwards) 

  • You’ll get thirsty, bring water
  • Hydration bladder preferred, so you can drink on the move
  • Nalgene bottle in your ruck, mix in electrolytes here

Last, you will need a weight.  Ruck plates are easy to secure and compact, but you can use bricks, sandbags, or even those college textbooks you keep saving but never used. 

  • Ensure it’s stable and close to your back while rucking
  • Ruck Plates are compact, which saves space in the ruck
  • 20 lbs (Beginner) to 50 lbs (Expert)

There are many resources online for equipment and clothing. Click below to see a list of recommended sites.